Community Crown


Building Fact

  • Site Area : 28,459sqm
  • Gross Floor Area : 57,430 sqm
  • Building Height : 28.5m
  • Location: Cheong-ju, Choong-cheong-do, South Korea
  • Status : Concept Design Published

Design Concept Description

Our design goal heads toward to make the new city hall be a cultural platform to draw mainly public‘s involvement. As the existing city hall building to remain is a historical element, we would like to offer a unique architectural feature by embracing the past and making socially interactive platform through the creation of the pavilion. The space created through it can be used thoroughly for communities in and out of the space. Its interior space of the pavilion shall be used for restaurants, shops, library and exhibition, and exterior space for climbing exercise, sightseeing, rooftop cafeteria, and various other personal or public purposes upon their needs.

Centering the Pavilion, the outdoor landscape is naturally expanding from it and harmonizing with nature elements. There are trees, grass and water features with benches for visitors to sit on. This will naturally draw people to come and use it as a communal zone. Its new public space will be used in multi-functional cultural platform. They shall be transformed to be weekly open market, daily exercise gym, family picnic park, etc. Furthermore, this landscape will visually connect with civic servants in the city hall on 2nd floor and above to offer a chance of visual communication with citizens.


Uses of Public Space


Auditorium & Existing City Hall

Restaurant & Atrium