Olympia 66 Shopping Centre

Director’s project experience in AEDAS, Hong Kong

Olympia 66 is a prominent shopping center in Dalian, China, spanning over 221,000 square meters in total floor area. Situated in the Xigang District of Dalian, Liaoning, this shopping complex commenced its construction in 2011. Its strategic location is on Wusi Road, one of the city’s primary commercial thoroughfares.

This shopping complex was developed on the grounds of the former Dalian People’s Stadium. To the east lies the municipal government headquarters, situated in the People’s Square, while to the west, you’ll find the Xinghai Square.

The design of Olympia 66 takes inspiration from the emblem of the Chinese twin carp, which is a symbol of wealth and abundance in Chinese culture. This symbol is often featured in Chinese New Year paintings, and it has been artfully incorporated into the architectural design of the shopping complex.