Ryde Civic Center Design – Remnant of old building footprint on the triangular site

Building Fact

  • Site Area : 16,500sqm
  • Built Area: 23,150sqm
  • Height : 31meter
  • Location : Ryde, Australia
  • Status: Published

Design Concept Description

With population around 103,000, the city of Ryde is rural environment yet very close to the major city, Sydney. Residents in Ryde can easily travel to enjoy the big city-like atmosphere by driving 10 to 30 minutes from their home. Life in Ryde is like a place where people like to relax and enjoy comfortable environment. In its regards, the new development of the civic center at the heart of the town would not change the way it has been but respect culture that people have been used to have.  

Site Plan

The site area has its unique form of the boundary which is a triangular shape. Thus, each ending point of the triangle positions at different elevation levels with 6 to 7 meter height variations. Approaches to the site will vary by where people coming from. They will ultimately create diverse experience for public. In addition, existing civic buildings which are built 1964 and 1970 respectively will have historical value to residents in the town.

Upon the fact that existing civic buildings are to be removed due to structure instability, we begin to consider demolishing the exiting and preserving foot-prints of the current civic buildings for the new development. By doing so, the voided area will become a showcase for public to enjoy and learn about the history of the city. By adding the link bridge with food and beverage area for staffs and visitors of the town center inside of the void area, it will help the historical footprint be more active and effective to be utilized by public.   

In respect of provided functional need, we consider use of the sloped site by excavating it in order to make approach to the building more efficient and diverse. Mainly lower floors are allocated for administration and its offices inside the triangle form centering open atrium for indirect sun lights and natural ventilation which save energy cost for mechanical and electrical usage for ventilation, cooling and even heating. Plus, upper floor with green roof system is used for the performing theater area to make column free space as well as easy exits when there is fire. Also affordable housing units are allocated near house zone at the west of the site to give separate comfortable access for residents.

By this arrangement, we strongly believe the site and its context with required programs have been fully optimized as a new yet old enough to give comfortable sentiment to residents in the city and give the unique character of the town.

Design Idea Diagram

Design Process Diagram