‘L’ Hotel Standard & Suite room


Interior Fact

  • Standard Room : 33sqm & Suite Room : 66sqm
  • Ceiling Height : 2.3~2.4m
  • Location: Ho Chi Minh, Vietnam

Design Concept

Life in a high-rise apartment is too prevalent for people living in cities. Especially, a city like Seoul or Tokyo is a place of an apartment haven with repetitive monstrous boxes spreading over inches by inches within 5 min. footsteps.

Existing Room Photos

Having major travelers ( consisting of 40% Korean, 25% Japanese, 15% Vietnamese) coming from those cities, what we can offer to them may limit in a certain extend. Hence, we are compelled to design the interior room to make wider and simpler visually, offer comfort through vernacular materials and art works, and smell to refreshing sense whole together.

In that way, we intend to offer a better home away from home.


Standard Room
Standard Room
Standard Bathroom
Suite Room