8 Pillars


Building Fact

  • Bridge Length : 110sm
  • Maximum Height : 50m0
  • Structure Type : Cable-stayed suspension system

Design Concept Description

A bridge is an important cultural element to connect two regions. Its connection improves lives of people in both areas to associate and communicate. It benefits communities economically, culturally and environmentally, and creates a symbolic presence of a place. Its aesthetic appearance can be the identity of a city or a town as a landmark. Furthermore, it could be a new cultural platform to generate new experience and memories.  

In its regards, how to create design elements to associate with local communities and create intimate relationship through the form becomes our main question to answer. Opening a discussion of how to visualize past, present and future together in the local context, we put a great emphasis on visual quality to resonate memories of the past. Hence, we searched an object or a form which should well respond to the traditional beauty to enhance local context.

To proceed further, we reflected on design elements to begin with the basic function of a bridge. The starting point was stepping stone on the river. We found it’s interesting to use as a general fulfillment of functional needs. Each stone would be a platform, and it can be grouped together to form continuous link bridge for people to cross the river. During this process, we lifted platforms (stepping stones). In order to have them stable through substantial structure element, we considered a shape not only working as structure but also reminding the past. A quite intriguing element for us was from a form of a pointed hat somewhat likely villagers would use in old days. Developing these elements and recreating to fit into our bridge design moves us to the design that we’ve never expected.

The final form has been completed with 8 pillars of structure with 8 platforms. (In Chinese culture, No. 8 has long been regarded as the luckiest number. With pronunciation of ‘Ba’ in Chinese, no. 8 sounds similar to the word ‘Fa’, which means to make a fortune.) All are combined and connected to form a contemporary bridge which also includes the park for communities to enjoy the scenery of the river. Through this design proposal, we believe the memory of the past through traditional elements would be a catalytic substance for communities to direct or guide to the new culture. Eventually, it becomes memorable experience to the communities.

Site Plan