Voyage to Heaven


Building Fact

  • Site Area : Undefined
  • Total Gross Floor Area : 9,900 sm
  • Floor : B1 & L1, Landscape roof top
  • Height : 18m
  • Location : Dawongu, Kyeungido, South Korea
  • Status : Concept Design Published

Design Concept

We are all familiar with the inevitability of death. Yet, it’s a profound challenge when faced with the loss of loved ones, friends, and cherished memories. The pain of their absence echoes loudly, leaving us yearning for their presence once more. Memories become fragile threads, holding onto the vast expanse of the sky. Sometimes, these memories burst forth like rain, tearing at our hearts, while other times, they scatter like the vibrant hues of a sunset, reminding us of the joy of togetherness.

In our design for 416 Memorial Park, we aim to capture these emotions and experiences, offering solace, healing, and hope. The park’s design incorporates symbolic elements that speak to the journey of life and beyond. The extensive glass façade mirrors the endless depths of the sea, symbolizing transparency and reflection. The ceiling, reminiscent of a ship’s hull, evokes the voyage of life, navigating through the unknown. And the 250 LED lighting pillars of the rooftop memorial garden serve as beacons of light, illuminating the path through darkness.

Collectively, these elements convey a message of ‘Voyage to Heaven,’ inspiring hope and resilience in the face of loss. Our intention is for 416 Memorial Park to be a place of comfort and contemplation, where visitors can find solace and strength as they continue their journey on earth.