Voyage to Heaven


Building Fact

  • Site Area : Undefined
  • Total Gross Floor Area : 9,900 sm
  • Floor : B1 & L1, Landscape roof top
  • Height : 18m
  • Location : Dawongu, Kyeungido, South Korea
  • Status : Concept Design Published

Design Concept

We all know too well that the death is inevitable. However, it is not easy to overcome when we witness it through losing family members, relatives and friends who shared lives and precious memories together. The sadness comes louder as we recognize that we are no longer able to see them again in this world.  Those who have survived would wholeheartedly long for those who have left ahead of them. It seems a string of memories as if one can hold the clouds of the sky. Sometimes, this cloud becomes a great rain tearing their hearts at any moment, or it scatters through the sky creating beautiful glow of sunset leaving memories of happiness of being together.

The cloud becomes a medium leaving the visual phenomenon through rain as if it’s an expression of sadness or longing of one’s emotion. As such, we hope 416 Memorial Park is to be a symbolic message to deliver healing, recovery, encouragement, and even hope. In our design, 416 Memorial Park consists of symbolic elements such as; extensive glass façade to represent the water of the sea through its transparency; the ceiling formed by the bottom of the ship as if it voyages to ocean; and the 250 LED lighting pillars of the rooftop memorial garden to support and brighten the ship through the darkness. Overall, these symbolic messages are there to resonate ‘Voyage to Heaven’ to bring a hope and encouragement the life on earth is still worth living.