Circular Home on Cliff

2370sf 2bed 2bath Vacation home – Circular house on cliff in CA inspired by Apple’s headquarter

We would like to share our partner’s work how they visualize Vacation Home in California.

From their remark.

“We designed this house as a vacation home (weekend home). Basis of the concept of the house is inspired by Apple’s headquarter as it offers a continuous view toward green nature like this house offers the view toward the ocean.

The site is located alongside the ocean of Los Angeles residential area. From this general location, we wanted to create unique home for the prospective owner. Especially, the house on cliff can offer extensive view toward the ocean in all areas, living room, bathroom, closet, kitchen and dining room of the house.

Facing to this sea, backside of the house is residential area that would not differ from ordinary house in the town. Hence, we push the house to the one level below ground with the circular courtyard in the middle. We wanted to avoid common, ordinary view of the backside of the house, and rather wanted to create privately separated scenes through the courtyard with green nature and facing to the front that the ocean can offer.

Hence, the house offers unique experience through this sunken green courtyard sloped to be looking like a hill and also the open view toward the ocean. We believe what make this house special is from these sceneries toward nature.

Its total area (at basement) is 220sm ( 2,368sf), and it is located near the beach of Los Angeles, California. The materials of design are simply natural stone, concrete polished finish and glass. We tried to keep as minimalist as possible not to intervene the beauty of nature with other colors tones.”

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