Forest House


We would like to share our partner’s work how they visualize Forest House in California.

From their remark.

“We love a simple design. When architects try to make complicated design plans, in many cases it becomes user-unfriendly. Thus, it will cause more trouble during the construction. Not only will it increase the cost of the construction, but also, it gets more tendencies to draw problems as you may find from this video. Nonetheless, architects need to make things harder and more difficult to earn their achievement noticeable and it will show off to others of how much they are smarter enough to make things that normal people would’ve never thought of. By doing so, they can attract the rich who admires unique design to value their properties as high as they seem to be. No matter what, we are architects and we are in the same dilemma. At least, through this Youtube channel, we want to do things without any outside influences. Hence, for our house designs here in this channel are to be designed without any interventions of how much we need to show off. We try our best to design based on what we feel about a good house for us to live in. This Forest House is also an example of how we design if it’s our own home. We love to live in a high ceiling house to have natural ventilation, enough sunlight but not making the house hot or cold. Warm and dark enough to take a rest and feel relaxed while staying home. Therefore, we thought of a house, for this time, that may look like a home in a forest as thinking of what if we design one in this urban residential area. The Forest House is in total 1,722sf (160sm) as a duplex home with 2bedrooms and 1.5 bathroom. Please have a look to find more information throughout the video. We hope you to enjoy what we have designed for ourselves which may fit for your home as well.”

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