Floral Ice


The Creation of Architectural Garden through a Form of Broken Ice;

Building Fact

  • Site Area : 19,800sm
  • Gross Floor Area : 12,450sm
  • Building Height : 18m
  • Location: Kaunas, Helsinki, FInland
  • Status : Concept Design Published

Design Concept Description

The city’s environment, often referred to as the cityscape, is the defining characteristic of the town. It’s an ever-changing urban tapestry that unfolds before our eyes. This cityscape not only mirrors our fundamental needs in the urban environment but also evokes deep emotions, leaving behind lasting memories.

This particular city, with its rich history and deep connections to the Baltic Sea, has woven its climate, culture, business, and way of life into the very fabric of the cityscape. Our designated design site, nestled between the Baltic Sea and Tahititornin Park, presents an opportunity to capture the essence of this unique urban context. It’s a location where the seasonal changes take on a dramatic quality, and these shifts in the natural world are a part of the city’s identity.

Each season brings its own unique beauty, but it’s during times of dramatic transformation that the city’s character shines the brightest. As winter transitions to spring, and the frozen Baltic Sea begins to thaw, Tahititornin Park readies itself for a change of attire. The city’s landscape, veiled in white, undergoes a remarkable transformation. It’s within this ever-changing context that we envision the creation of a new building on our chosen site to continue the narrative of excitement and transformation.

Our design seeks to emulate the organic process of ice melting on the sea, translating it into the building’s structural elements. The graceful lines etched by the trees in the park become an integral part of the building’s design. As we imagine planting native seeds on the site, we see them grow into a thriving medium that connects the sea and the park.

Through this approach, we aim to evoke a sense of nostalgia. We want people to perceive this new architectural addition not as a foreign entity but as a native one. It starts as a humble seed and matures into a vital part of the cityscape, where it has always belonged, creating a harmonious link between nature and urban life.

Site Plan