Suggest way to decorate home in Modern and Warm Style

Although modern style interior design isn’t usually associated with words like “warm” and “inviting,” we’re on a mission to put this contemporary cold myth to rest.

Beforehand, we’ve introduced a collection of modern living rooms that prove contemporary design isn’t limited to stark spaces. From a room featuring a statement-making shelf and cabinets that exudes cozy living room vibes to a space in a cold environment with snow that looks anything but cold, these are definitive proof that modern living rooms are warm and inviting.

Our design was dedicated to show the warmness of the space and we are cautious enough not to make it bored with a simple color tone. Little more of additions to give accent with accessories is adding a fresh air to create dynamic perspectives of space.


Floor to Ceiling warm wood tone

00_living room 6

Floor-to-ceiling simple framed windows are softened by light brown couch and accent chairs in the same hue. Natural wood flooring lends warmth to this modern living room.

A recessed ceiling painted into copper metal makes a bold statement in this modern living room. A natural wood dining table, a pair of metallic light fixtures, and a set of brightly colored accent pillows bring warmth to the space

00_living room 2

Beige furniture is a fresh departure from white, especially when outfitting a living room that’s already painted in white hue. Shades of taupe warm up this bright, airy space.

For a modern living room that exudes California-warm vibes, mid-century modern-inspired furniture is a must. In this bright space, the fabric couch, ceramic planters, and brass accents all nod to the 19 century décor style.

Scandinavian minimalism meets California bohemian in this modern living room. A hairy brown carpet in a warm, burgundy hue pillow stands out among yellowish ambient, most notably the glass top coffee table and the marble finish wall.

Bold pops of color make a striking statement in this eclectic living room.


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