Into the Fullness of the Void


Building Fact

  • Site Area : 13,248 sm
  • Gross Floor Area : 15,320 sm
  • Building Area : 5,000 sm
  • Maximum Height : 10 m
  • Status : Concept Design Published

Design Concept Description

Literature is written works of expressing ones’ thoughts and emotions. Korean Literature, especially written by Koreans to express theirs in Korean. Its expressions are often explained in various forms, such as fashion, excitement, humor, satire, resentment, and adaptation to nature, which are the characteristics of Korean literature. They are naturally characterized as much as writers communicated with readers through their writings in their times. They are our tradition and identity that continue to this day and they define Korean Literature.

By looking at the architecture from this point of view, as such, it is created in the result of architect’s thought and emotions in his/her times, and it further characterized in various forms and styles in design communicating with people. For that reason, designing The National Museum of Korean Literature seems asking us to use our sense of literature and define what Korean architecture is and is to be. 

On the designated site to design the new Korean literature museum, we become reluctant to make any determination on what architecture form is to be. As one of many architects, apparently what we can design to define the new museum is just one out of many options that other architects could offer. It may cause errors to understand what Korean architecture is. In addition, it may depreciate the profound meaning of Korean Literature. Nevertheless, this concern changes our view into a different direction and motivated us to design the unexpected.

We decided to void the site to allow everyone to fill this empty space through his/her imagination. The void area shall be filled with natural light and shadows; it shall have two growing trees to leave room to talk about the passage of time; it allows the flow of the wind causing waves in the water of the pond resonating with subtle relaxation of life; it could be a space that lets architects design in their imagination; and it offers a room in which an unexpected abstraction can be contained in the painter’s canvas. Furthermore, it shall be filled with the space of memories of people who visit, stay, and use their time within.

Through this void leading toward the fullness, what is our architecture for us is answered.

Floor Plans

Perspectives & Sections