‘L’ Hotel Club Lounge


Interior Fact

  • Floor Area : 260sm
  • Function : Club lounge, Toilet, Preparation Room, Bar Counter
  • Ceiling Height : 2.2m
  • Location: Ho Chi Minh, Vietnam

Design Concept

Given interior space are relatively low and narrow of 2.2m ceiling, and 5meter width for seats and general moving circulation. The overall length of the lounge is around 30m depth. Through this physical condition, our idea was driven to mitigate its disadvantage to be the key design element.

We imagine the physical distance could be minimized through the object that people can see interesting. Color and material repetition we used are the way to stimulate humans’ senses. As we walk through the 4 dimensional space on a circular platform, our experience from the position where we start will be the ending upon completion of travel. The total travel distance can be A distance but we came back to where we were.

By use of a repetition on feature wall materials, we aim these phycological interpretation to be expressed. Hence we employed a carpet in these two ending walls to be similar yet different pattern to intrigue people to lose a sense of distance along the way.

Thus, in order to bring vitality in the space, we create a pattern that would replicate the beauty of tidal water in the seashore.