‘M’ Hotel


Facade & Interior Lobby

  • Design Area : Hotel Main Lobby & Façade
  • Location: Quarry Bay, Hong Kong

Design Concept

Zung Fu building is located at the prime corner of Quarry Bay. Also, it is just right next to MTR station. It’s proximity to the public transportation makes this building worth to be renewed.

Unlike many development projects in US or Europe where the preservation is worth to take, Hong Kong’s economic value with new development weighs much higher than preservation, unless the architecture has notable historical value. In its concern, industrial building has no much value to maintain while it is purely built upon functional need. Thus, we understand how we can renovate from the existing might not be worth enough for financial return.

However, our design was to present in a perspective of sustainability which makes worth to keep the existing sound structure to minimize industrial wastage due to demolition. Also, we love to express how the renovated building can be equipped with green elements to offer for public whoever pass by it.


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