‘M’ Hotel


Facade & Interior Lobby

  • Design Area : Hotel Main Lobby & Façade
  • Location: Quarry Bay, Hong Kong

Design Concept

Nestled at the prime corner of Quarry Bay and adjacent to the MTR station, the Zung Fu building enjoys a strategic location that beckons for renewal. While many international development projects weigh the preservation of historical significance, Hong Kong’s economic dynamics often prioritize new development over preservation. This value assessment may seem less inclined to favor industrial buildings like Zung Fu, primarily constructed for functional purposes. It’s a challenging endeavor to renovate an existing structure, with potential financial returns appearing limited.

However, our approach takes root in sustainability, emphasizing the intrinsic worth of preserving the robust existing structure to mitigate the environmental impact associated with demolition. Our design vision not only breathes new life into this building but also introduces sustainable elements, thereby minimizing industrial waste. Through this transformation, we aim to bestow the renovated building with a fresh, green identity that resonates with passersby and the community, inviting a reimagined and eco-friendly perspective.


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