Contemporarily Modern Courtyard House

3760sf 3bed 2.5bath Contemporary Courtyard House in LOS Angeles, CA

We would like to share our partner’s work how they visualize Vacation Home in California.

From their remark.

“For this house, we designed a flat box style modern contemporary house. We named as Contemporary Courtyard House. It is 2 story house. 1st and 2nd floor are each 175sm. In total of 350sm (3,766sf), the house includes the courtyard, backyard, barbeque deck, swimming pool and 3bedrooms with 2ensuite bathroom with 1 half bathroom, kitchen and dining room, family tea seating area, roomy living room. Plus, it has small allocated exercise area and a guest toilet.

This house is located in the middle of two previous houses we design previously. They are located in the same street of Los Angeles, California. If you haven’t watched those two houses’ virtual tour, you may visit these links. &

After the plan views, you will see the 3D elevations of these three houses in a row. It really makes this project quite fun to see how they mingle together in the same street. Apparently, they are different styles each other.

Especially, this modern house is quite different from the others. The main reason is due to its structural system. Previous projects are based on wood structure, but for this house is based on reinforced concrete mixed with steel structure system. Because of that, it appears to be quite different.

One of the most important features of this house is the use of the central courtyard. Since the house is in between the other two houses which occur in many cases of residential town in urban area, keeping privacy is not really easy. So the idea of the design started with building up two walls to block views facing to neighbors’ houses. Hence, we created own private space for home owner to enjoy green, open space through the courtyard. It might be a great feature to have it in this urban context.”

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