The Coffee Bean & Tea Leaf  03

TheeAe was commissioned to design + build the Coffee Bean & Tea Leaf in Kowloon Commerce Center, Kwai Hing, Hong Kong as the third project. We were required to follow one of styles called ‘Lounge’ that CBTL has in their design standards.

The building was entirely under renovation while we started to design. Because of it, it was a bit difficult to measure in the field how it is to be. So, as we expected we had many surprises during the construction period. Designed measurements were not as accurate as usual. Public ceiling height was 2.7 which we expected 3 meter clear space in designing process. Because of those changes, we made a number of adjustments in the field to meet the initial design intend. Finally, we had accomplished to the closest image of what we initially designed.

The shop was made as compact as possible with the storage space tight enough to store what staffs need and utilize the numbers of seating for customers utmost. The materials used were glossy burgundy finishes, dark wooden lamination at bar exterior panels and white Corian counter top. It’s look is to bring young and energetic power to people in this office tower.

Kowloon Commerce Center, New Territory, HONG KONG
Net Floor Area



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