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Site Area
1,470,162 sqm
Gross Floor Area
Various Types & Developments
Yeungcheon, South Korea
Award Winning - Honorable


Let’s Run Yeungcheon is a nature friendly theme park for Human and Horse as an expression of new identity of Horse Park in Korea. Our intention on its purposeful driven Park is to create a unique development to attract people from the town in local, other cities and even overseas by its sustainable design. Hence, we present the elevated platform to preserve nature, as well as intend the total paradigm shift from horse race culture of Korea, “horse race is a gamble”, into a new trend of horse race game directly connected to family oriented theme park.

We intend total paradigm shift from the horse race culture in Korea, which is the place for gamble, into the family amusement park in direct connection with horse theme race park facilities.

The existing site has its various height differences on each mountain from 25m to 45m, as their differences make the site very much unique as they are. Placing the horse track on its mountainous site, the track smoothly landed on the site by creating higher level to approach to the site from the parking area as naturally elevated land so as to be a unique identity of Let’s Run Horse Park which is a unique to its only location in Yeoungchen.


Besides its structural form of the park, we aim the shift of paradigm by introduction of the Elf Land which is a new story of Horse Park Yeoungchen. We intend iconic landmark castle that will consist of 6 different tribes who are appeared mainly in the Lord of the Ring, one of famous fantasy movies. Its story is about horse race game to be held by one of tribes, the Elf who invites 5 other tribes for the horse race game in her land. In this form, private gamble sports of horse racing will become family oriented game. From the entry of the theme park to utilization of each function on the site is related function to visitors? benefits on uses of facilities in the theme park.



The new design of Yeoungchen Horse Park we propose is to change a paradigm of existing horse race in Korea and even in the world. The Yeoungcheon horse-race has its own unique system to run the race as if 6 tribes will be participated in the form of Olympic Game. Invited tribes are;


The new design of Yeoungchen Horse Park we propose is to change a paradigm of existing horse race in Korea and even in the world. The Yeoungcheon horse-race has its own unique system to run the race as if 6 tribes will be participated in the form of Olympic Game. Invited tribes are;

Each tribe will participate in the horse race game with their own 2 number of horse racers so total there will be 12 racers in a game. For this rule, the each horse and rider will be identified by their designated horse color as well as by uniform of their own tribes. For example, Elf horse will be white, so will others be identified by their own separate color of horses. All visitors will easily identify the tribe’s horses.

Color of horses of individual tribe will be as below;

As mentioned in reference image of indication of horse color, each horse and horse rider will use their own tribe’s unique uniform, flag, sign etc.. By this way, every visitor will easily recognize their horse during race period. Thus, it will help betting on their tribe by the amusement of the riding show itself.


Horse Park_Map

Parking – #1
The car parking system is a ward system to be easily identified by each zone when people drive by each parking zone. The parking is separated to avoid congestion of the parking space when a zone is full. Its locations are fully regarded as to follow sustainable ideas on less construction disturbance by excavation of nature environment.

Elf Fence & Retaining Wall -#2
The proposed Elf Fence will visually identify the Elevated Elf Land as a special place to visit. Its unique wall design will enhance the view to attract people from the distance by giving them the impression of surrealistic world.

In addition, it will act as retaining wall to keep reclaimed soil under parking area from the theme park. The reclaimed soil is from excavation work for the race track and theme park area.

Elf Plaza – #3
Elf plaza is the area after the main gate entrance. It is elevated land where the major impression of the park is to be encountered by the visitors. The structure is supported by Eco-tree with artificially made tree structure. By lifting the area, it keeps the nature of mountain by minimizing land disturbance. Thus, the plaza will lead people to directions to the place where they want to explore within.

Grandstand – #4
Grandstand for horse race game is not only allocated for the race itself. but also it will connect to shopping arcade, information center, and boat ride on water, horse race game etc. Thus, the facade design of the grandstand is considered for the use of LED and projection display. It will be the main advertisement area for horse race winners and events of the theme park.

Theme park – #5
Our proposed theme park introduces 6 tribes, Dwarf, Orc, Elf, Ent, Hobbit and Maiar. Each Theme area will have unique adventurous facilities with their own management such as hotels, camping, game zones, horse riding, boat riding, shopping, wedding, pension house stay, etc.

Horses Facilities – #6
Horse facilities are located and built alongside the mountainous area. Our design intention was to utilize existing site condition with less disturbance on the nature, so location is naturally well divided from the access road.



The design of the Grandstand has been very much important elements of the theme park since the program of the park has been inter-related with each other’s’ functions. For functions for horse race game, the grandstand has been placed in central location of Elf plaza. By doing so, it is easily accessible from the main entrance. The Grandstand is also connected with shopping arcade and exhibition, trade shows, as well as restaurant and cafeteria by integrating with nature and landscape area.


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