Interior space is very flexible for renovation as long as there is enough space with strong and sound structure. The given area for interior design is evacuation passageway with 300m long (plus, 8m width & 8m height) which is enough to make various functions for interior design. Even excluding around 1.5m air duct space at ceiling out of 8m space, 6.5m interior space is available to create even mezzanine level above the finish floor. The space itself is ample enough to suggest any forms of interior design.

However, as the corridor space is for evacuation purpose, it can’t be reduced much in width. It means we are not allowed to place any loose furniture or fixed partitions in the middle of the corridor. It limits us to create a flexible interior layout with various programs. In other words, nonetheless, it allows to shorten options to focus on creating a shell of ceiling, wall and floor design. There are eight skylights to bring a sense of revival to the interior space and 6.5m ceiling space to make high and low of rhythm of nature. Through these conditions, we employ wooden fins to shape the shell of the space. It will be a form to express the sense of nature creating rhythm and flow of nature.

Furthermore, the shell structure combines with entertaining elements by offering exhibition space on blank walls leftover from wooden fins installation. With this combination of shell and exhibition, we believe the exhibition space with entertaining paintings and art works, so called Illusionary Arts, will add unique and entertaining memory to communities.

Capital of Yunnan Province, China
Net Floor Area 2,400sm
Concept / Published
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