Hotel Renovation for Facade Cladding & Interior Lobby

HOTEL M. Renovation

Sky scrappers have been primary elements of Hong Kong’s skyline. Somehow, the country’s architecture and construction character were shaped, not merely by a specific tower, nor by indigenous material applied. But what makes Hong Kong construction unique globally is it’s being one of the last frontier of bamboo scaffolding. Behind the scenes of raising these giants, it is still the old school webs of bamboo safely carrying Hong Kong’s skyline crafters. This valued, raw material of nature, has inspired TheeAe architects, to come up with a design that would be able to tell the story to its locals, as much as to guests in Hong Kong.

Bamboo, on its natural state, could withstand nature’s mood swings and so often mistakenly described as a type of tree, rather of what it truly is, as part of the grass family. Besides its low cost, most of the time, bamboo is appreciated by its strength and light weight. These characteristics somehow are similarly essential to architecture and construction. The featured material on its overall design resembles the nylon fabric covered bamboo system, that has obtained the sense of weightlessness, the continuity of the surrounding elements, yet retaining the sense of security and privacy of a hotel.

Panel orientation has another purpose as well, it is the solution to the hotel’s essential need of providing absolute privacy between rooms. Angle projections were the key element to achieve this certain objective, given that each one complies with its own needed limit of view. Thus, sacrificing comforts of users was not necessary on achieving the desired unique form of the design.

In regards to the interior, the harmony of panels does not solely become of an aesthetic use, but provides sense of deconstruction which reflects the characteristics of the company’s design gives the same known impression of bamboo scaffolding, its stability concerns. Regardless of the design’s system of inter-connectivity, the structural concept was made feasible.

Quarry Bay, Hong Kong
Net Floor Area 6500sf
Commissioned / Unbuilt
The primary element of the project is porous metal panel to resemble the nylon fabric of old web of HK construction. This continuity in design throughout interior and facade retains the sense of security as well as uniqueness of the hotel.
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