International Church, office & coffee shop


Mission International is a non-denomination church that outreaches her ministry to young generations especially for university students, since 1979. Hence, her program has been developed uniquely to serve young communities to include multi-purpose assembly hall, classrooms, general offices, missionary’s accommodations and cafeteria.

To build MI Church had been a long wish for decades. There were always troubles to find a proper open and wide office space to rent. When the landlord asked for unexpected increase for the existing, or termination without any reason few months before the expiration date, it had been very chaotic to search and find a new space to relocate by fulfilling the need of flexible space for the sake of various teaching programs. To make matters worse, MI mission towards campus ministry was heavily affected when the address had to be changed especially for students who would like to come back after their military services; exchange student program; or Working Holiday abroad, etc. It was essential to lock down the location for efficient and effective ministry.

MI Church was completed in Spring 2012. Overall, she was comprised of ample setback for car parking space at the front and back side at the Ground floor; Euro Cafeteria a duplex at 1st and 2nd floor; missionaries’ office, pantry and accommodations at the 2nd floor; multiple classrooms for educational institute at 3rd floor; lastly assembly area for 300 flexible seats for general church service on Sunday and educational events during weekends at 4th floor. Throughout the process of designing, it was a fruitful experience as an architect to contribute to young communities and see how a built environment serves them and ministries all together.

Apsan Negeree, Deagu, South Korea
Site Area
587 sm
Gross Floor
970 sm
Completed in 2011


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