Beach Bar


Upper Floor of The Beach Bar

Beach bar is located at the nearest place from the ocean where people can enjoy direct view of the ocean. The beach brings cool and warm breeze throughout the year long in Da Nang, Vietnam. It is popular locations for tourists. Besides, the end users of the bar is to be well mixed with various people around the world. The common elements to awake the sense of the ocean was the key design element that we trying to understand and express in a form of materials.

Primarily, materials we used  are white rope for partition and wood fins for ceiling, and especially floor pearl tiles are the elements that carry the substance and mood of ocean as if it is collected from it.

Da Nang, Vietnam
Area Upper Level
Net Floor Area 1200sf
Area Lower Level
Net Floor Area 1500sf

Lower Floor of The Beach Bar

Lower level of the Beach bar is around 1500sf area with extremely low ceiling height space. Its height from the floor to the beneath of the beam is 2.2m. By this challenged limitation, we found it was very interesting to feel like the space become a place where people can feel they are on the ship in the middle of the ocean. The window is designed to be waterproofed when there are Typoon or high water along the sea. It becomes an interesting element to think of.

Hence, firstly we consider of solving the issue of the height by using of mirror stainless steel at ceiling to reduce the impact on the limited height. Secondly, the windows which are around 800 diameter toward the ocean view are replicated by with LED light hidden yet lit behind the porous copper panel wall set around the wall.

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