Warm colors are red tones, oranges, yellows, earthy neutrals, and even gold all fall toward the warm side of the color wheel. Even just the mere sight of this family of hues can make us feel warmer ourselves; they remind us of firelight, sunshine and sandy beaches. Warm colors have the power to make a room feel more intimate and cozy, by visually drawing in the walls of wide spaces. Basically they go from yellow to red range reminding us heat and sunshine, intense emotions and passion, joy and playfulness. They can be stimulating, so they are a great choice for social rooms and room that see a lot of activity such as living room, dining room and kitchen.They also attract attention and are generally perceived as energetic or exciting. As a feeling, they create a room cozy and full of positive energy.

Mongolia is one of the coldest capital city in the world. This interior project is to bring the warm and cozy tropical mood into the interior space. Hence, our interior design is to express these warm mood throughout the space from the floor to color of ceiling paint. Please have a look below images.

Site Area
500 sm
Building Gross Floor Area
250 sm
Building Height
8m (B1, L1~L23)
Ulaanbaatar, Mongolia
Under Construction
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