As we gaze upon the sky, we may feel a sense of freedom from the heavenly world above. The sky, as high up and unreachable as it seems, may signify one’s desire to be on top of the world. It often refers to the difficult goals or dreams which only a few in the world would pursue relentlessly. In this regard, what makes Silicon Valley stand out among other cities across the globe is the presence of overflowing adventurers who strive to reach for the sky. They are dreamers and creative thinkers who hold strong visions to make the world a better place. Most importantly, they truly love what they do; hence, they embrace changes albeit risking failures. This is how Silicon Valley has been shaped as of now and that is what we want to express to create the new icon for the city.

The sky and the ground are the major symbolic elements to express a dream in our design. Perspectives toward them are normally set in three dimensions; the sky is above which we have to look up to, and the ground is where we stand. A change in this perspective through a medium may offer viewers unexpected scenes. The medium we create is various spherical crystal lenses which turn our perspectives upside down. Through the new perspectives altered by these lenses, the sky is no longer difficult to reach. The sky becomes where we stand, and the ground becomes the sky. Metaphorically, our design conveys the idea that dream is not the destination but the journey to reaching the sky as long as one enjoys pursuing his goal. In fact, there is no greater dream to achieve than enjoying what one loves to do. This is the dream and the journey we offer to all adventurers.

In short, the reversed world, as we call Lensrough Park, consists of the main bridge structure which connects two separate sites; as well as symbolic elements of celebration, completeness, hope and dream. Respectively, these elements are represented by the dancing form LED lightings cables, Sky Walk – Mobius strips, Iris flowers, and Orion constellation through illuminating crystal lenses. The sky once far away is now at your feet. When visitors look through the lens, we hope that they can enjoy an extraordinary experience about the dream and how Silicon Valley has been shaped by it.

San Jose, California, USA
217,000 sf
Design Proposal : Competition
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