The Artist House Beer Shop from Belgium




Shop G4, 1/F, Fashion Walk, Causeway Bay
Net Floor 2300 sf

The first collaboration work with AOArchitects for an exciting new and exclusive project for The Artists in Hong Kong. The Artists is a well known local beer to use local and best in class ingredients to brew their beers. The water is sourced directly in a natural well from under the farm, and the barley sourced from local producers. The beers are brewed with the best ingredients regardless of their cost to ensure to offer the excellent and healthy craft beers in Hong Kong.

The Artist House is a multi-functional space to explore craft beers through co-creation and experiences. By exploring the five senses, people get to touch, see, hear, smell and taste the process of beer making. The Artist House also has the first farm-to-table concept in Hong Kong. The in-house aqua farm provides most of the ingredients for their food and drinks. It helps to lower the customer’s carbon footprint by lowering the transportation distance and reducing water consumption by 90%. The farm is open to public, so that people get to touch and co-create their own food and drink from the beginning.

The design of The Artist House is cultural, sustainable and flexible. The form of the Artist House comes from the Belgian barn where the craft beer is made. Rather than replicating the farm, we slice them into thinner portals to fit into a challenging setting in Hong Kong. Each portal represents one sense that The Artist co-creates with their partners. The space majorly used reclaimed materials on wall and furniture to reduce its carbon footprint. The mechanical equipment is carefully positioned to reduce operational cost and energy consumption. The use of movable furniture, customized storage, and creative lighting helps to increase the flexibility of the space. Co-creator can transform its semi open space for 1 person or 50 people.

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