In a political point of view, our future is largely depending on an idea of two streams which are Conservatism and Progressivism. Historically majority of people in Korea have believed conservatism is safe in a way to maintain the tradition and society. Recently, they start to realize or already realized progressivism was not always unsafe. They have begun to accept a new paradigm a change can bring the better future.

Likewise, our design toward the new ferry terminal is so liberal that it might be unconventional, yet it will bring a  change which will eventually be the corner stone for the new cultural direction and context of Yeouido to build up onward. Our progressivism on this view intends to reverse the conventional design ideas on context driven design by surrounding conditions and functions of needs into context driving to change and lead the culture in the region.

Striving to achieve the new design elements, we initiate to bring a traditional element from old building roofi ng tiles. The repetitive curves are expressed in large to create canopy of the structure. The canopy line is transformed and combined in a central area through the pillars of fl ower form structure to create monolithically futuristic central atrium. The canopy and the central atrium together will fl oat on water and respond by the change of water level. Additionally, the top of the canopy includes photo-voltaic solar panels to infuse electrical energy into the building for cooling and heating the air during the day and LED lights night time.

For the building program requirements, the central location is dedicated for the main building to include all necessary functions for people including lobby, ticketing offi ce, security room, toilets, machine rooms, water tank, restaurants, shops, managing offi ce, and roof garden etc. Thus, the four extended decks under the canopy protected from the rain and snow will provide kind and easy access to private, semi-private and public ferries as well as creating enclosed sense of space for people to enjoy Han River during summer time and the roof, the top of the canopy, will be the garden for people to enjoy the beautiful scenery of Han River during spring and fall season.

Although it might be too radical and liberal to execute the ideas of the fl oating platform into realization, we believe this is to be the showcase of our vision toward Yeoui-Naru which is not limited on what the context to drive for the design, but to extend and create the new context to express the past and future freely.

Site Area
12,192 sqm
4 Levels
24.3 M
Yeoui-naru, South Korea





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