Ryde Civic Center Design – Remnant of old building footprint on the triangular site

Building Fact

  • Site Area : 16,500sqm
  • Built Area: 23,150sqm
  • Height : 31meter
  • Location : Ryde, Australia
  • Status: Published

Design Concept Description

Nestled on the outskirts of Sydney, the city of Ryde, with its population of around 103,000, offers the best of both worlds. Residents enjoy the tranquility of rural living while being just a short drive away from the vibrant, big-city atmosphere of Sydney. Life in Ryde is synonymous with relaxation and a comfortable living environment, and it is essential that any new developments in the civic center honor and preserve the culture that residents hold dear.

The site selected for this project is particularly unique, characterized by its triangular shape. Each corner of the triangle sits at different elevations, with variations in height ranging from 6 to 7 meters. The approach to the site will vary depending on where one is coming from, providing an array of diverse experiences for the public. Furthermore, the existing civic buildings, constructed in 1964 and 1970, hold historical significance for the town’s residents.

Site Plan

Understanding the need to remove the existing civic buildings due to structural instability, we began considering a solution that combines demolition with the preservation of the current buildings’ footprints for the new development. By doing so, the voided area would serve as a captivating showcase for the public, offering them the opportunity to learn about and savor the history of their city. A connecting bridge with a food and beverage area for both staff and visitors of the town center within the voided space enhances the historical footprint’s utility, ensuring it becomes a vibrant part of the community.

In response to functional requirements, we’ve utilized the sloped site by excavating it, making the approach to the building more efficient and diverse. The lower floors are primarily dedicated to administration and offices, with an open atrium at the heart of the triangle design that allows for indirect sunlight and natural ventilation. This approach saves on energy costs associated with mechanical and electrical systems for ventilation, cooling, and heating. The upper floor boasts a green roof system, ideal for the performing theater area, creating a column-free space and facilitating quick egress in case of fire. Additionally, affordable housing units are thoughtfully placed near the residential zone on the western side of the site, offering separate, convenient access for residents.

This innovative arrangement, carefully considered to meet both functional requirements and contextual harmony, ensures the site is fully optimized. It strikes a balance between the modern and the familiar, providing residents with a comfortable, yet unique, character that embodies the spirit of Ryde.

Design Idea Diagram

Design Process Diagram