Sky Drone DJI


Interior Fact

  • Floor Area : 260sm
  • Function : Drone Sales and Customer service Shop
  • Ceiling Height : 3.6m
  • Location: Nanjing, China

Design Concept

Sky has no limit. Flying a drone was back then imagination, but it’s been realized through the tech. and science. Drone is the great invention to cover our needs; taking photos from sky; delivering needy items to aid people in unreachable areas by cars or other transportations; or even assisting to distribute fertilizers for agricultural products; and what has been a difficult task by humans becomes possible through the use of drones for many industries

A shop to sell this product requires a look to represent the nature of the product effectively. In its regards, we begin to think of the sky and nature. The express of these two shall be the source to visualize the product.

Hence, our design is to make a room into a space. Space is to continue and expand. In order to express this in an effective way, we employed repetitions through partitions, and formed them to create visual expansion through incremental openings.