Building Fact

  • Site Area : 9,427sm
  • Gross Floor Area : 8,467sm
  • Building Height : 28.5m (B1 & L1~L4)
  • Location: Songdo, Incheon, South Korea
  • Status : Design Proposal Published

Design Concept

The new Library design has been designed to offer effective solutions for the sustainable architecture in the area where has extremely vivid seasonal differences by temperature between hot summer and cold winter. The degree varies from -20C to +30C. Plus, the energy saving is a mandatory requirement for public buildings in S. Korea due to the lack of electrical power plants.

Less use of mechanical A/C system during summer and more use of natural sunlight to the deepest location of the interior during winter are crucial. On one hand, we minimized the glass windows to face direct exterior wind, and on the other hand, we created a courtyard to maximize sunlight penetration. Thus, to increase the sunlight infiltration by blocking the hot and cold air, we employed polycarbonate panels over 70% of façade skin.

In addition to its climate on its locational aspect, the surrounding area has various accesses through local buses, subway, and private cars. It offers natural environment on one side with a small park and the other side with well-maintained golf club green area. Through these locational facts, the new site is reinforcing the new library in a way to network open green zone for the city effectively to offer a place to visit by walking, driving, and even enjoying nature altogether.

Exploring further on them, we began to think architectural elements that include; a roof garden with generous outdoor landscape for public to enjoy outdoor activities; the central courtyard to act as a source of natural light and fresh air to the internal space; and seats arranged to offer private and comfortable space to have views extensively towards open interior space as well as exterior garden. As we convert these elements into a form of public architecture, we create sloped roof garden having easy access from outdoor landscape, which it will lead people to engage well.   We believe abundant open landscape at the site, accessible green roof garden and the central courtyard inside library would act as a whole a catalyst to make a place vibrant and active beyond what conventional library can offer. Ultimately, it will be a new cultural platform for local communities extending from a visit to the library to public’s weekend destination.

Design Process

Site Plan