‘L’ Hotel Standard & Suite room


Interior Fact

  • Standard Room : 33sqm & Suite Room : 66sqm
  • Ceiling Height : 2.3~2.4m
  • Location: Ho Chi Minh, Vietnam

Design Concept

In urban environments, high-rise apartment living has become an increasingly common lifestyle choice. This trend is particularly pronounced in cities such as Seoul and Tokyo, where apartment complexes dominate the architectural landscape. These cities have essentially transformed into havens for high-rise living, characterized by a multitude of towering residential structures that seem to stretch endlessly, each resembling the next, and all within a few minutes’ walk from one another

Existing Room Photos

With a substantial portion of our guests hailing from these bustling urban centers, including 40% from Korea, 25% from Japan, and 15% from Vietnam, we recognize the need to exceed their expectations. This compels us to focus on optimizing the interior room experience, enhancing spaciousness, visual simplicity, and comfort. We achieve this through the incorporation of vernacular materials, artful design elements, and refreshing scents, all working together harmoniously.

Our aim is to provide a truly exceptional ‘home away from home’ experience.


Standard Room
Standard Room
Standard Bathroom
Suite Room