Yea Mall

Façade and interior Design Concept for the renovation of the old building in Macau.

Nature, as it seems, always shows a universal pattern that is comprehensive and acceptable. Fractal patterns are prevalent in every sense we experience in nature. Design to match them seems to be too overwhelmed to replicate. However, we still believe in randomness that can still carry what nature has shown to us.

Three different aluminum patterns mixed and arranged in module create a form of natural pattern to reshape the appearance of the exiting old building façade.


The existing building is 5 story tall with low height 2.7m~ 3.2m floor slab to the ceiling structure. Hence, our initial challenge is to create opening space by new slab openings.

A mall depends on how we connect views and lead people to explore through each space with a sense of curiosity. Thus, it’s crucial to offer a place where they can comfortably spend their time for shopping, drinking, eating and relaxing. In its regards, offering openings through slab will help people to connect not only horizontally well but also vertically.