Our creativity is the ability to introduce order into the randomness of nature.

Eric Hoffer


We allow beautiful design to unfold as a reflection of a project’s unique vision, desires, and place in the context.


We believe that the best innovative interior architecture is a blend of both well studied research through locations and culture, and inspiration to add artistic value with a touch of the beauty of nature.

Master Planning

We are a collective and dedicated planner to create enriched urban environments that enhance the lives of people through better circulation in and out of road and space altogether.


Chris WH Cho

A licensed architect in New York, the USA, Chris is the design and managing director of TheeAe Ltd. in Hong Kong since 2011. Over 20 years of international practice including 11 years of management role, his projects are various from interior designs to architecture and master planning, those of which across over 12 countries in the world such as USA, India, South Korea, Vietnam, Mongolia, Saudi Arabia. Dubai, etc.

His effort to follow rational notions and led toward unexpected discovery of nature basically sets a great emphasis on design driven by contexts. To achieve better design and its quality, he always dedicates re-finding the values embedded or unseen in surroundings to enrich people’s lives through better place for communities.


‘TheeAe’ is abbreviation of ‘The Evolved Architectural Eclectic’. The name means our effort and dedication toward contextual beauties through place, history and culture of surroundings.

We pursue re-searching and re-defining elements that have been embedded or unseen so as to define the beauty of the architecture through design driven by context, evolved from rational notions and led toward unexpected discovery of nature.

To pursue this passion, we began our practice since 2011 in Hong Kong. Our service has been extensively covered in various areas of architecture & interior design and master planning. The projects include various types and locations across the globe; such as Mumbai Airport (Chhatrapati Shivaji International airport), Medina Residence in Saudi Arabia, Horse Theme Park in South Korea, Dubai Heart Water Resort in Dubai, Mongflow mixed-use shopping mall complex in Mongolia, Koi Resort Hotel interior design in Vietnam, Science Innovation Center in Lithuania, Baoan Cultural Center complex in China, and so on.

As we value our creativity through contexts, we believe it will always lead us to discover the unexpected beauty of nature. We will continue to find the beauty of contexts not only to increase the value of projects but also to bring the meanings of places for communities.


We have professional teams in Hong Kong and South Korea to handle from small interior to mega size projects with ultimate flexibility. Our teams consist of seasoned architects and advisors who collaborate together to review our works in no time.

Let’s build something beautiful together