One Week Challenge – House White

Welcome to the One-week Design Challenge on making a house! In this challenge, we crafted a compact 646 sq ft loft house featuring 2 bedrooms and 1 bathroom. The goal was to create a small yet stylish residence with straightforward design requirements.

Our primary theme was “House White,” a color we believed would not only offer simplicity but also seamlessly harmonize with the surroundings. This choice guided our search for materials that are economical, durable, and sustainable. For the exterior, we opted for a white-coated roofing system, aiming to reduce energy loss and maintain a cooler temperature compared to other colors.

The selection of white-coated materials provides various options, with the added benefit of being easily noticeable when soiled by rain or snow. Embracing the aging process, we intend to retain the worn-out appearance over time, considering it an integral part of the building’s architectural character. To balance this, we explored new white coating materials that not only resist fire but also enhance thermal insulation.

Extending the white theme to the interior, we carefully matched the color tone, creating a simple yet elegant look. This choice allows for easy enhancement of the interior space through the strategic placement of furniture and wooden elements, fostering a warm and inviting home atmosphere.

Take a closer look at this design achieved within the confines of a ONE-WEEK Challenge in our office. Witness the creative process as we transform a simple concept into a unique and thoughtfully designed living space.

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