Elevated Elf Land


Building Fact

  • Site Area : 1,470,162 sqm
  • Gross Floor Area : N/A
  • Building Height : Varies
  • Location: Yeung-cheon, Kyeung-sang Book-do, South Korea
  • Status : International Design Competition Prize Winner – Honorable

Design Description

Let’s Run Yeungcheon represents a harmonious blend of nature and human interaction, redefining the identity of horse parks in Korea. Our vision for this purpose-driven park is to create an immersive and distinct experience, drawing visitors from the local community, across South Korea, and even from overseas through its compelling narrative and sustainable design.

To preserve the natural beauty of the site while minimizing extensive excavation, we employed elevated platforms that seamlessly integrate with the landscape. This innovative approach not only respects the land but also transforms the traditional perception of horse racing from a mere gamble into a family-oriented activity closely linked with the theme park.

The site’s unique topography, with varying elevations ranging from 25m to 45m across its mountains, inspired us to design a horse track that gracefully embraces these natural contours. We ingeniously elevated the track’s approach from the parking area, creating a distinctive feature that sets Let’s Run Horse Park Yeoungchen apart from all others.

Central to our design is the introduction of Elf Land, a captivating narrative within the park. At its heart stands an iconic castle representing six different tribes inspired by the enchanting world of ‘The Lord of the Rings.’ The story revolves around a horse race game hosted by the Elf tribe, inviting five others to participate. This shift in paradigm transforms private gambling sports into a family-oriented game. Every aspect of the park, from the entrance experience to the utilization of various facilities, is carefully designed to enhance visitors’ benefits and overall enjoyment.

The Grandstand, a pivotal element of the theme park, occupies a central location within Elf Plaza, making it easily accessible from the main entrance. It seamlessly integrates with the shopping arcade, exhibition spaces, trade shows, restaurants, and cafeterias, all while harmonizing with the natural landscape. This holistic approach ensures that Let’s Run Yeungcheon offers an unforgettable experience that resonates with both the local community and international visitors, setting a new standard for horse parks in Korea.

Design Process

Master Plan

Functional Diagram

Visitors Joy

Grand Stand Design

The design of the Grandstand has been very much important elements of the theme park since the program of the park has been inter-related with each others’ functions. For functions for horse race game, the grandstand has been placed in central location of Elf plaza. By doing so, it is easily accessible from the main entrance. The Grandstand is also connected with shopping arcade and exhibition, trade shows, as well as restaurant and cafeteria by integrating with nature and landscape area.


The new design of Yeoungchen Horse Park we propose is to change a paradigm of existing horse race in Korea and even in the world. The Yeoungcheon horse-race has its own unique system to run the race as if 6 tribes will be participated in the form of Olympic Game. Invited tribes are;


Each tribe will participate in the horse race game with their own 2 number of horse racers so total there will be 12 racers in a game. For this rule, the each horse and rider will be identified by their designated horse color as well as by uniform of their own tribes. For example, Elf horse will be white, so will others be identified by their own separate color of horses. All visitors will easily identify the tribe’s horses.

Color of horses of individual tribe will be as below;

As mentioned in reference image of indication of horse color, each horse and horse rider will use their own tribe’s unique uniform, flag, sign etc.. By this way, every visitor will easily recognize their horse during race period. Thus, it will help betting on their tribe by the amusement of the riding show itself.



Elf Eco-tree is one of the iconic features of the theme park where people experience of Elf style environment. Our Elf Eco-tree not only acts as supporting structure to hold the platform of main plaza but also provides 4 main systems as;

  • Sustainable system
  • Renewable energy system
  • Green column
  • Vertical circulation to connect another level of deck.

During the rainy season, the water will be collected for irrigation and it will be supplied to green plants and trees around the land. We also proposed vines on Eco column and it will reduce the temperature during the summer in plaza. On top of tree, solar system has been incorporated to generate the energy and this energy will be utilized for LED screen of Grandstand as well as for landscape lights in the evening time.

Central Orc Zone Area Perspective

Hobbit Zone Horse Training Area Perspective

Ent Zone Amusement Park Area Perspective

Elf Zone Hotel and River Area Perspective

Elevated Elf Land Entrance Area Perspective