8 Pillars


Building Fact

  • Bridge Length : 110sm
  • Maximum Height : 50m
  • Structure Type : Cable-stayed suspension system

Design Concept Description

A bridge is not merely a physical structure; it stands as a cultural conduit that unites two regions. Its purpose extends beyond the connection of geographical locations; it enhances the lives of people in both areas, fostering association and communication. The benefits of a bridge are multifaceted, encompassing economic, cultural, and environmental aspects. Moreover, it symbolizes the spirit of a place and can serve as a recognizable landmark. Its aesthetic appeal can define the identity of a city or town, making it an iconic feature. Beyond all this, a bridge can evolve into a new cultural platform, generating fresh experiences and indelible memories.

In the context of creating a bridge design that forges a deep connection with local communities, our central question revolves around the visual elements that establish an intimate relationship through form. We embark on a discussion about how to visually harmonize the past, present, and future within the local framework, with a strong emphasis on the visual quality that resonates with historical memories. Thus, we sought an object or a form that could pay homage to traditional beauty while enriching the local context.

As we delved deeper into the design process, we contemplated the fundamental function of a bridge. We began with the notion of the stepping stones that traverse a river. The idea of using these stones as a means to fulfill practical needs was intriguing. Each stone could function as a platform, and when grouped together, they could form a continuous linked bridge for people to cross the river. During this creative journey, we elevated these platforms (stepping stones) with the intention of creating a stable structure, one that would serve as a structural element while evoking memories of the past. This process led us to a captivating form reminiscent of a traditional pointed hat, akin to those worn by villagers in days of old.

The final design has materialized as a composition of eight structural pillars supporting eight platforms. (In Chinese culture, the number 8 holds significant symbolism, often regarded as the luckiest number. Its pronunciation, ‘Ba,’ resembles the word ‘Fa,’ signifying the accumulation of wealth.) All these elements are thoughtfully integrated to create a contemporary bridge, which also encompasses a park area for communities to relish the scenic beauty of the river. Through this design proposal, we believe that incorporating traditional elements from the past into the bridge’s design will serve as a catalyst for communities to venture toward a new cultural identity. Ultimately, it will become an unforgettable and cherished experience for the local residents.

Site Plan