The Gate of Hope



  • Design Area : Landscape and Permanent Art Installation
  • Location: Sandy Hook, Newtown, Connecticut

Design Concept

Designing of the memorial for us is a task to change sorrow and grief into peace and calm, and furthermore to bring hope and love that how others share their hearts with people who lost their loved ones. The ultimate message through the memorial is not to reveal of the horrific incident but to manifest hope for people to look forward to the day they will meet together.

The location of the site is well resided amid natural environment. From the access to the inner site area is filled with trees and plants. Two existing ponds are well located for a meditation. In its regard, we intend the main element of the structure not to change or damage the current environment. We want to preserve and magnify the existing nature. Simple gesture of the straight lines either vertical or horizontal is better to come into the space in order to bring the calmness as well as to respect the emotions of families not to
remind chaotic and uncontrolled grief in the past.

Donated benches are set next to each green wall accordingly. Each of them has its own identity and details to be made by nature and visitors. Rectangular forms of the main structure are made by reclaimed or regular metal angles for low cost of construction. Vines and plants wrapping around the structure become a part of the surrounding, and they create shadows to form an opening to the sky which provides the emotion of calmness.
After all, overall structure is simple and affordable yet implying comfortable and peaceful mood through the arch shape which embraces the brightness we regard it as ‘the Gates of Hope’