Town Reincarnation


Building Fact

  • Site Area : 10,500 sm
  • Total Building Area : 5,452 sm
  • Floor : B2 ~B1 & L1 ~ L2
  • Height : 13M (at roof)
  • Location : Suncheon, Jeonra Namdo, South Korea

Design Concept

Suncheon is a unique treasure in the southern part of Korea. The city of Suncheon has rich historical background and irreplaceably remarkable ecological value contribute to the identity of this city. Due to the excellent prerequisites of Suncheon, the tourism industry is under rapid development and the demand for facilities to support the emerging tourism is necessary. The Art Platform will not only allow the residents and tourists to have more acquaintance to Suncheon, but also give profound influence and improvement to the quality of living in it. The Suncheon Art Platform will undoubtedly become a core for cultural activity as well as architecture that conveys history.

The development of Suncheon City should never neglect the past. The identity of Suncheon should consist of the elements provided by the history of the town and the innovative thinking of the present. The future Art Platform is close to the important remains of the ‘Old city’ of Suncheon. This historical fact provides the inspiration of using the Old Cadastral Map to reintroduce the Old City in the Art Platform. The design incorporates the ‘Suncheon Wall’ in the shape of Old City surrounding the Art Platform, evoking the memory and appearance of the ‘Old City’. Moreover, the trails of the Old City become the pathways in the Art Platform. The use of historical background of Suncheon becomes the vital constituents to the design.

In addition, the Art Platform is intentionally built below the ground so as to connect it to the underground arcade. This strategy is to revitalize the underground arcade, and this creates a new typology of geographical feature to the city which enriches the language of the urban landscape. The sunken landscape will become a brand-new experience to the residents. Thus it could act as a public space for cultural and leisure activities.

Another feature that contributes to the beautiful Suncheon is its precious ecological value. Suncheon has a high proportion of agricultural activities compared with other cities in Korea. The landscape of the Art Platform is designed to mimic the arrangement of farmland. Human will experience placing themselves in a spectacular natural environment. The way of pathways is naturally produced by the shape of the grasslands. The landscape design gives multi-directional pathways for people to pass freely within the site and provide them with public green space to enjoy.

The Suncheon Art Platform is envisioned to bring vitality to the surrounding areas of the site. Through respecting the historical and environmental context, the identity of Suncheon City is comprehensively presented to the visitors. The intention to create the vast open green space is to accommodate and attracts people for social and cultural interactions. Furthermore, the enrichment of the cultural programs happening both indoor and outdoor of the Art Platform allows creative thinking and learning. The multi-functional Art Platform will definitely become an iconic and vital landmark of Suncheon. As well as, it boosts a balanced and healthy urban sustainable development in Suncheon.  

Design Process

Site Plan

Perspective Section – scheme to revitalize underground shopping arcade