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We had the honor of receiving an invitation from Emaar, one of the world’s most prominent developers, to design an iconic residential tower in Dubai. This collaboration marks a significant milestone in TheeAe’s portfolio and highlights the trust and recognition the firm has earned from industry leaders and influential developers like Emaar.

We look forward to sharing more details with you in the near future. Stay tuned for updates on this exciting project.

The always fashionable Dubai Creek Harbour (a residential and commercial project developed by Emaar Properties)
At the heart of every cherished design lies a compelling story that unravels the ‘why’ behind it. Let’s take a journey through our interior design at ‘Lotte Hotel Saigon,’ where the narrative is crafted with intention.

Our focus centers on understanding our guests, particularly those who call the bustling cities of Seoul and Tokyo their homes. In these metropolises, high-rise apartment living has become the norm, a lifestyle choice that offers both modernity and convenience. These cities are peppered with towering residential structures that dominate the skyline, a landscape where one building seamlessly blends into another.

A significant portion of our guests, approximately 40% from Korea, 25% from Japan, and 15% from Vietnam, call these thriving urban hubs their own. With this knowledge, we’ve set out to not just meet but exceed their expectations.

Our goal is to redefine the interior room experience, enhancing spaciousness, visual simplicity, and comfort. We achieve this by infusing vernacular materials, artful design elements, and refreshing scents into the space, creating a harmonious environment.

In doing so, we offer a truly exceptional ‘home away from home’ experience, a testament to our commitment to providing a haven that resonates with the stories of our guests.

Introducing our inaugural masterpiece, ‘MI Church’ – a harmonious blend of function and form
Embracing Limitations: The Saigon River View and the Allure of Low Ceilings at Lotte Hotel Club Lounge

Lotte Hotel Saigon Club Lounge is a unique design